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Nationwide telecommunication and IT sales and support organization fully certified in Avaya, Nortel, Cisco, HP, Dell solutions and more!  Business class telephone services, analog pots lines, T1, MPLS, VOIP T1, SIP, and internet services, 10 Med, Fiber, DSL, DS3 (Cbeyond, XO, Qwest, Paetec, Level 3, Telepacific, AT&T, Cimco, Globalcom, Verizon, and more).  Converged Communication Systems, LLC, (CCS) built it's foundation around best in class service & support.  CCS provides full in-house voice and data network support as well as fully managed and IP hosted services.  CCS designs, sells, installs, programs, services, trains, maintains and provides full IT consulting.  Ask about our CCS critical care program providing around the clock telecom & IT support.
Nationwide sales, design, installation, support, and maintenance services.  Contact us at 877-96-AVAYA or 877-962-8292

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Call us at 877-96-AVAYA or 877-962-8292
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Converged Communication Systems, LLC, (CCS) is a premier nationwide sales, design, consulting, installation, implementation, service, support and maintenance organization for your business telecommunication and IT infrastructure needs.  CCS has fully voice certified professionals on staff focusing on your Avaya, Nortel, and Cisco telephony needs.  Our CCS data support group can help design, implement, maintain, and manage your entire data network cradle to grave and provide fully managed IT services.  Our Windows and Linux server specialists can help implement telephony servers as well as Microsoft OCS presence and IP servers as well as Cisco network specialists to help with things like VPN, security, quality of service, DHCP, VLAN and more.  Converged Communication Systems built its foundation around best in class service and support for all voice and data needs.  Ask about signing up to our free technology seminars and refresher administrative training classes at  CCS offers special integration packages between Avaya, Nortel and Cisco telephony solutions as well as converged applications such as third party database programs and SIP based presence voice servers such as Microsoft OCS. 

If you are a current Avaya Communication telephone system, VoIP, SIP, or PBX customer, contact the CCS sales group to learn about current upgrade and migration strategies or to simply sit in on one of our technology transfer sessions that reviews key components of your phone infrastruture like enhanced features, product roadmap, third party integrations, or Avaya Financial Services (AFS) renewal or partial upgrade programs.  CCS has the highest level of technical certifications in the industry and our professionals are ready to assist with your programming and service needs.  If you are not ready to migrate to a more current Avaya version, CCS can provide full maintenance services to older legacy key and PBX systems.  We can help with any AT&T, Lucent, or Avaya Partner, Merlin Legend and Magix, IP Office, Definity, and Communication Manager solutions.

If you are a current
Nortel Networks telephone system or data Bay network customers and are concerned about the future of Nortel support?  Look no further!  CCS has a full staff of Nortel Norstar, Meridian, ICS, CICS, BCM, Option, and Communication Server specialists on staff.  We can service and support as well as looking into upgrades and migration strategies for your existing Nortel system.  We have some attractive technology migration promotions in place to help with customers looking to migrate to VoIP and SIP as well as discounted maintenance programs to help support your existing infrastructure for years to come.

If you are a current Cisco data or telephony customer and need additional support in programming, service, or software support, CCS has professionals ready to assist in programming VLANs, VPN, security, QOS, SNMP traps, Cisco Call Manager Express, CME, CM, IAD, DHCP routers and power over ethernet managed switches, and more.  Speak with one of our Cisco sales engineers to help with designing and implementing or modifying your data infrastructure.

Some additional services CCS provides is bundled Dell and HP offerings as well as many other key manufacturers in the voice and data industry.  CCS provides nationwide voice and data service by partnering with nationwide telephone service and internet providers.  We can provide consulting services on all your telecommunication and IT needs as well as provide full end-to-end implementation and management services.  If your telephony service contract or data internet service contract is coming to the end, let one of CCS' sales professionals help provide multiple pricing packages from different service providers.  CCS works with nationwide service provider companies to help find the right solutions for you including XO, Cbeyond, Paetec, Qwest and more.  Talk with a CCS sales professional to learn how to leverage newer technologies like MPLS, DS3, 10 MEG, Fiber, 100 MEG, VOIP T1, Dynamic T1, SIP T1 and Trunks and more.

Network Operation Centers & HQ
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CCS: 877-96-AVAYA
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Phone: (847)424-1500
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Santa Barbara, CA 93101

26600 Lambert St, Suite 1004
Lake Forest, CA 92630
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Converged Communication Systems has certified Avaya, Nortel and Cisco telephony and networking professionals on staff ready to assist you.  The CCS IT consulting division can help map out your voice and data infrastructure and leverage new and existing technologies to increase business efficiencies and productivity.  In today's times, clients ask us how they can leverage mobile and remote home worker technologies so their business will not skip a beat in case of pandemic, weather, geographic limitations, maternity leave, extended business hours and coverage, extended family illness, as well as other common day to day business concerns.  Clients are leveraging IP telephony including VOIP and SIP to help their business operate more efficiently and Converged Communication Systems can help!  If you have an existing telephony system lease or contract, your CCS representative can help manage end of term dates as well as review options moving forward.  Are you looking to integrate your customer database using CTI and TAPI integration?  The CCS experts can help providing a more truly converged network.  Call now and speak to one of our sales and support representatives.

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